Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Medical students tend to be annoying obsessive perfectionists

This is a generalization, but many medical students are obsessive and closed-minded to flexibility.

I have friends in the medical field who are laid back, but there is quite a high percentage of people in this field who are perfectionists and live in their own little bubble. These people are closed-minded and become extremely offended when something doesn’t go according to their expectations. They are very serious in certain matters (like everyone else), but the problem is that the spectrum in which they get caught upon are is quite broad.

This becomes tiresome because if you are a free-flowing character like me, you will come across frequent collisions with these personnel.

I usually don’t like generalizations and that is why I try to approach people without bias. However, I have been let down by so many selfish and obsessive people that it is time for me to take precautions in order to stop getting hurt.

Let’s face it. Doctors need to be obsessive and live under strict rules. They can’t be negotiable when it comes to dealing with people’s lives. You need to accept this and respect their focused mindset. So focused that it often leads one to be narrow-sighted.

Don't expect any humane traits in such people. Any hints of humane traits are most likely fake, and even if it is genuine, the depth kindness and sensitivity towards others is bound to be shallow.

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