Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Angry BJJ partner tapping out late

So I’ve started doing BJJ for almost two months, and it has been incredibly rewarding.  I had so much fascination and joy that I probably haven’t felt for a long time. The coach and the students were also incredibly friendly that it made my transition much easier.

Well, couple days ago I faced my first frustration, or rather upset.

I have been quite athletic all my life. I was in varsity soccer team till high shool, competed against varsity in college, had decent records in track etc.
So I’ve picked up on BJJ quite quickly and I’ve been able to tap out my senior white belt stripes recently (those who were maybe 5-10kg lighter than me).
And this is when I have started to feel some kind of hostility.

Couple days ago I had a senior white belt on a triangle and arm barred him slowly. He wouldn’t tap out so I kept the pressure on and slowly released his arm until he gave me a abrupt punch. It didn’t hurt or anything but I found it incredibly disrespectful. I mean it wasn’t even a late tap, but an expression of anger, or to go even further violence.

I did confront this guy and told him that I didn’t want to injure him but warned him that he should be tapping or else there would be injuries. I shared my frustration with the coach as well and later the guy came up to me and apologized and told me that he was being excessivlely competitive. I said I understood and I had my faults as well. He was a young guy so I also understood his immaturity.

Conversations were all healthy but as a newbie to BJJ, this type of agression really made me bothered. After thinking deeply into this matter I came to the conclusion that maybe my skills have improved significantly and it is time for me to transition away from just focusing on submissions and start practicing a range of new techniques that I am uncomfortable with.

When you are a beginner every moment of BJJ is intimidating, and to make sure you don’t suffer you do your best to execute  submissions. At least that was how I felt like as a beginner.

Next time, I am letting the other mount me and I will be practicing escapes only.
If someone has a pride issue, no need to rub it against him. Let them have the submission and this might make the atmosphere less depressing.

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