Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year's Resolution

My prayer list for 2017 is this:

1. To be a slave to God, a servant to my neighbors.
2. To live a life that is beautiful in the eyes of God.

Because everything else is unnecessary for us Christians who have vowed to live a renewed life, born again, dead in our sins and alive in holiness, married to our Lord.

It is written that whoever wants to save his life will lose it and whoever loses his life will gain it. We are so fragile that once our lens is focused on us, our comfort, our desires, our emotions, we will be drawn away from God. Once we try to do everything to survive and compete in this world, we will be instantly driven away from our core values.

It is not about trying to survive and compete against the world. It is about giving out what is even remaining of us, however much it is lacking, broken, and incomplete. It is about losing your life for the sake of others... Just as Jesus has done. Doesn't this remind you of the poor widow who put in two copper coins for offering, which was all she had to live on. Can YOU, give everything up? Even if it means what is remaining of you, even your life, to God, to your neighbor whom God commanded us to love?

Once we have confirmed our answers, everything that we used to value vanishes away from our eyes. That love we dreamed of, that family, that car, that house, that prestige, whatever "that" we have in our hearts... it is no greater than the truth of Jesus Christ. That promise, and His love that is everlasting, and is the source of life.

Can you sense the sin that was agitating us all along? Can you realize that it was our hardened hearts for survival in this world that has imprisoned us? The answer to true freedom is right in front of you. Take it.

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