Sunday, November 27, 2016

Undefeated (2011)

Academy Award winning documentary movie that was shot by 2 people. No boom microphone, fancy equipment, sound staff, nothing. The entire crew was basically composed of these two people: Daniel Lindsay  and T.J. Martin.

Considering these limited resources and circumstances, I was incredibly surprised with the quality of the shooting. Even the dialogues were incredibly enriching and moving that I hard hard time believing that the movie was not acted out or rehearsed by paid professionals.

This movie is about a high school football team that has never really won anything. The head coach of the team, Bill Courtney, takes responsibility in teaching the team what it means to have character, dedication, patience, and how to live life through struggles and failures. The outcome? A miracle that you should find out yourself.

Here's my favorite quote by the coach: "If you do the right thing, people will continue to help you. And if you quit doing the right thing, they will go away as fast as they come."

Overall Rating: 9.3
It's one of a kind. I haven't seen anything quite like it. 

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