Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I continue to realize that there is a behavior in me that needs immediate correction. 
It's arrogance.

I repent time and time again when my arrogance consumes me and begins to consume others. It's usually when someone else acts in arrogance that I react to this situation by trying to express my superiority in knowledge and experience. My heart starts racing, blood pressure rises, and nerves become tense. 

Here's the aftermath: I don't think I've really offended anyone. The reason is because I am so well trained to hide my emotions and choose the right words. However I am discontent, because I know that I was angry at that moment and I have reacted arrogantly, even if that arrogance was a product of someone else's arrogance. 

My prayer is that I can truly respect others' opinions, even if their speech don't sound in accord. During my response, I hope that I would express merely my opinions only, and not criticize the other person's speech. I pray that I can be wise enough to organize my thoughts quickly and speak temperately, rather than in haste and aggression. 

In Jesus' name I pray! Amen. 

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