Sunday, June 19, 2016

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

I usually don't watch foreign movies that require me to utilize subtitles. Despite my nature, I decided to watch it as it apparently won so many awards.

My first impression was that the movie was more modern than I had expected; the cultural aspect, but also the way it was directed. The sexual jokes were so crude that sometimes it reminded me of "American Pie". And some of the scenes with technical details reminded me of the movie "Kick-Ass". Maybe I underestimated the movie since I've never really watched Taiwanese movies before. So I have to admit, "You Are the Apple of My Eye" was fresh is many perspectives.

Other than the good acting and innocent story-line, I couldn't find much positives. I'm guessing the critical acclaim is related to the cultural significance it brought to the movie industry in Taiwan, and I have to admit if this movie came out in the 1980s in Korea, it would've won several awards.

Overall rating: 7.1
An innocent love story.

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