Monday, January 25, 2016

Work Affecting Relationships

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When you are in a competing environment, I think you tend to become more sensitive and prone to arguments. 

Studying or working in an environment that requires total focus and exhaustive efforts turns you into a one dimensional person. You have one obligation, and that is to successfully complete your task. Any distraction is not tolerated and should be eliminated immediately... or else you will. This is the type of environment many students and workers are placed in. This ultimately influences your personality as well. You become annoyed by basically anything that seems to be inconvenient and provocative. Secondly, you become way too serious, as you are used to being in the "no messing around" mode, focused solely on completing tasks assigned to you. These symptoms can have a long term effect.

I think we tend to forget that these stressful environments transform us and if we don't pay special attention, it can ruin our valuable interpersonal relationships. To avoid this mess, we need to regularly reflect ourselves. 

If such environments are inevitable, I think the best approach is to promise ourselves the following few things:

1. When it comes to confronting people, be complacent. Don't go looking for serious conversations and expose yourself. Even if you are in an argument or being criticized, don't take offence and try to relax. Sometimes people will shout at you for illogical reasons, and yes it's like a curse. My view is, responding illogical angst with logical measures will get you nowhere. The person is angry for personal reasons so the best you can do is to immediately give the person whatever the hell he/she is demanding from you without contest. Be a good sport, please your friend, and save yourself from animosity. A little bit of humility and patience will prevent you from ruining your day, and this is worth it.

If you are like me, and you want to justify yourself get your thoughts across at some point, read my other post by clicking here.

2. If this doesn't work, pull out a "don't touch me look". Maybe you really shouldn't be confronted by people. It's better to be blunt with your status rather than acting as if you are in sound psychological health. 

3. Practice laughing and smiling more often. Trying to be more positive and humorous is always safe game. We may frequently tell ourselves to be optimistic, but actions speak louder than words, so it is worth putting these thoughts into practice.

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