Sunday, January 10, 2016

Who We Are

We call ourselves little Jesus. Yet, when we pray to God, do we realize what we are praying for? Do we realize what we are wishing for, and how we are really living our lives?

Jesus was the messiah but His people didn't recognize Him. See the photo above. Would you have recognized this person who is covered in blood and torn into pieces as your Lord? He came in humility, born in a manger, lived secretly as He fled from crowds, and was tortured to death. A life that was very different from what people expected of the Son of God, the king, the messiah.

But this picture is who He really was. This was why He came, to show His love towards us.

When we consider ourselves as Christians, we should really ask ourselves if we really love Jesus. If we are really thankful. And if we really want to live a life like Him, and glorify Him.

If this picture is a reflection of how you really want to live your life, you are blessed. If not, maybe we have put ourselves before Jesus, and we have not quite understood what it means to be made heirs to His kingdom. 

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