Wednesday, January 20, 2016

치즈인더트랩 Cheese In the Trap (2016, Drama)

This is the first time I am writing a post on drama, and that is just how much I think it's worth mentioning Cheese in the Trap. Cheese In the Trap, is easily one of the most enjoyable dramas I have ever watched. Although I don't really enjoy watching dramas, this one was so unique, funny, fast paced, and entertaining that I didn't get bored that easily. 

The setting, script, casting, character development are all excellent and I can't tell you how much I was impressed. The character development was so complete that I could really resonate with each one of the protagonists. One thing that I was saddened by was the existence of a love triangle... A cliched story line, but still the other positive aspects of the drama make up of it. 

The drama is still going on and I am writing this after watching 6 episodes of it, so this rating might slightly change by the time all the episodes have been played.

Post-review: I've changed the rating of the drama series from 9.5 -> 8.6. The drama was disappointing towards the end and it seemed that the writer went out of ideas to further decorate the story. Still I found some meaning from watching the drama.

Drama rating: 8.6
A love story that is decorated by exceptional script, acting, and set design.

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