Saturday, January 16, 2016

Asking too many questions

by Mark A. Hicks, illustrator.

I am someone who was encouraged to ask a lot of questions.

Over the years I have seen the pros and cons of this. First of all asking questions gives you liberty of education. It also allows you to socialize better. Furthermore, it trains you to have courage.

All of these are advantages of being an active questioner. But you can't ignore the fact that people can become annoyed if your questions become one too many.

To be honest, I didn't really understand why people had to be so mean and sensitive towards people who ask too many questions. Recently, however, I have come to understand why. I love being asked questions, but when a person seems to be asking questions without thinking, or without a sense of caution/humility, it gets me annoyed.

I am always available to answer questions but if you are asking questions which you can know the answer to, it can get annoying. Secondly, if you are asking a question, it means that you are seeking service from the other person. If this is the case, once you ask your question, you need to be thankful and move one. Some people, however, try to explain why they asked that question and try to excuse themselves from embarrassment. They think it was a totally okay question to ask. The truth is, whatever the reason you may have, if you are asking a question, you are under mercy. We don't care if it was an acceptable question or not. All we care is that we are willing to answer your questions for free. Yes, for free. And you trying to salvage your pride by acting as if you are not being given a hand is very offensive.

My conclusion is, if you are someone who asks many questions, or someone who wants to, then 1. Think before you ask, this will cut down a lot of the unnecessary questions 2. Express your thanks and be humble at all times. If not, then you can really annoy the recipient of questions.

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