Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Steve Jobs (2015)

Guess what. I expected to be watching Ashton Kutcher on the screen. Turns out to be this is the more recent version of Steve Jobs and he wasn't in it. Ha... haha. But I loved it, and I think I was very lucky to watch this version rather than the one that was released in 2013. 

If you are a leader, CEO, executive member of some sort of club, and you are interacting with a lot of people, you will resonate with a lot of the emotions that can be felt in this movie. 

Although Steve Jobs seems quite cold, inhumane, and unsympathetic towards others, as someone who has gone through very similar experiences I can't completely say the character depicted in this movie is completely evil. Yes, Jobs may have been portrayed as a slight extremist and was ruthless and unforgiving. However, I don't think we have been given the full picture to really understand why he was so forgiving and stubborn at times. So as a third party I think we should reserve our judgments and try to enjoy the movie as it is. A story of someone who was quite gifted but at the same time quite flawed. 

Frankly, If I had watched this movie just 3 years ago, I would have lost my respect for Steve Jobs. But, because I am old enough to appreciate the dynamics of human relationships and how darn confusing and heart-aching it can get, and how messed up people's minds are for the sake of survival and success.... I think that's the reason why I could value this movie so much. 

I think this movie was unique in the way that it tried to show an objective view of the conflicts between Steve Jobs and Apple company, but in reality the depiction was oversimplified and maybe too naive. I am sure Jobs' bitterness towards the company and some of the "top guys" in Apple was caused by very simple reasons. True. But if you look at it in Jobs' perspective, it really is confusing and can be quite profound. I mean, even the fact that you can be fired from your own company is shocking. To forgive and understand the people behind this scheme is not as simple as it appears when emotional factors are involved. Anyway, I think I wanted to mention this because I want to think that the director purposefully shot the movie this way so that we can understand Jobs, not criticize him. This, I rate highly.

Now I don't care if this movie was part fictional. Movies don't have to be a documentary to be meaningful, and even if some events in this movie didn't actually happen, the movie itself gave us an understanding of the interpersonal relationships Jobs had with his coworkers and his family. The fact that the director was able to show how deep these relationships were? Priceless. 

I'm not into writing long posts, so there it is. Steve Jobs. I strongly recommend you to watch this movie. Don't be too critical of the story line and you should be able to enjoy it.

Overall rating: 8.3
Job well done. 

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