Friday, August 15, 2014

How To Find Love

Love? It's going to come up to you.

So don't go looking for it. 

You know how some people say that you need to put some effort into finding your soul mate? I think there is half truth to this. Meaning that this is a false statement.

You may think that meeting as many people and putting yourself out there will mathematically increase your chance in finding love. Statistics surely don't lie, but you also have to understand that you are probably unconsciously comparing people you meet and treating them as numbers and ratings out of 10 rather than an individual. You may be also unconsciously increasing your expectations and when you can't find that 10/10 person, there is a high probability that you will settle for someone below your standards.

This is that most common mistake people make. If you are out there to find a 10/10, then you shouldn't settle for less! Go find it! 

When I say find your 10/10, it means meeting that person whom you could love unconditionally. The person might not be good-looking, he/she might not be rich, or graduated from a prestigious school, or in fact he/she might have a pretty annoying character. But if there is something about that person that keeps you warm, happy, and endlessly satisfied, I'd say you have found your perfect score. 

When you put a standard and make an obsession to mechanically find this person, you will lose your sensitivity on picking up on these human and instinctive traits that attract people into falling in love.

Now, when I said that there is half truth to the statement, trying equals increased chance of finding love, here is what I meant. You have to take care of yourself and try getting on top of your sh**. Be active, be social, volunteer, work out, read, and be productive. Throughout your activities, you are bound to meet fabulous people with a similar healthy lifestyle and share a similar value system. These are the people that you meet through "karma" and those you should keep an eye out for. And once you've found a candidate, you definitely need to try to get to the know the person and develop intimacy.

This is what I meant by effort and trying.
I guess it sounds easier said than done :) 

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