Sunday, July 13, 2014

Smart People

Rich, humane, and melancholic. It was a joy to watch "Smart People." The characters are just so diverse and with much depth that the more you watched the movie the more you could sympathize with them. Even if you hate some of the characters in the beginning, by the end this movie you will grow fond of them and understand their differences. 

The movie itself is beautiful. It is very serene. No one is screaming or breaking things, but the frequent silences that signify the characters' frustration, respect for each other's individuality, and a state of deep trance give a strong impact to the viewers.

I'd advise you to watch this alone, as it requires your full attention to really suck out all the juice from the movie. 

The story line is not bewildering. However, it is the uncanny dialogues within the somewhat ordinary plot that really works wonders in this movie. They are funny, sad, entertaining, and outrageous. 

If I were to add anything else, I wish Ellen Page was not gay. She was such a charm in this movie, but to be honest I have a crush on her every single time I see her on the screen. The character she acts out is someone I'd like to meet in real life. Just perfect. 

Overall rating: 8.2
What could have been a frustrating movie, turning out to be a tranquilizer.

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