Friday, June 6, 2014

Importance of Social Responsibility

Often we are drowned by our responsibilities and we wish to lay them down, escape from them, never to see again. I think we can classify responsibilities into two groups: ones that are mandatory in work settings and ones that you have voluntarily committed to. I wish to speak of the latter.

Responsibilities in general seem to be a major source of stress, which is essentially a carcinogen at higher levels. Hence, we may wish to take a break and relax whenever circumstances allow. However, far too often I have seen this break or "breather" become a habit and cause more harm than good. 

Sometimes we tend to forget that responsibilities are what motivate us to look up and remain productive. Accountability and expectations in a task or role we have been bestowed are not burdens but a privilege. It is a privilege because you know people count on you, and your performance can uplift the whole community. You know that there are rewards and with rewards come satisfaction, trust, happiness, higher self-esteem, and self-improvement.

Once I thought that investing more time in myself than being involved in a community or social group is doing myself some good. But I could not have been more wrong. It is deleterious. This life is meaningful only when you have a goal; the goals in this life are constructed from and influenced by the people around you. The philanthropic cause, the fight for peace, the competition between sports teams, the loyalty and trust between peers; all of these ideals come from the notion that you are doing it for the people connected to you. 

As Nokia state in their ads, "Stay connected." Stay connected folks, and stay responsible and be productive. Rest does not give you extra energy per se. If you stay rested for too long, it can oppositely drain your energy and make you feel useless.

Expectations from friends, families, and teachers do not have to be a source of stress. The responsibility you face now, embrace it, and slowly you will understand there is a new character in the making. Hang on tightly to what brings meaning to your life.     

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