Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why girls reply late to text (or katalk) or even ignore you altogether

I know some girls can be very blunt in expressing their feelings towards you, but some girls can be extremely feminine and it might take time for them to open up... hence text messaging can become slightly painful. 

This is my first post, so I don't want to rush into telling you everything about me... but I consider myself quite good at analyzing people, situations, personalities, and so forth. Let's say I am very confident with my intuition and it has been a good resource to myself and my friends. 

So straight to the point, here are the possibilities to why girls tend to ignore or reply late to text messages: 

(I want to make this clear: not all people react the same ways. I'm just giving possibilities on why girls may not be so cooperative when texting)

1. She isn't interested: Let's get the obvious one out of the list. How do you know if she's not interested? When you're initiating quite frequently but the girl is either ignoring you or if she replies back in short sentences or with a single word alone... 

2. She's really busy: Boring. So let's move on to the next. But let me tell you something. As a med school student I also do get really annoyed when someone texts me unnecessary things during a very busy period (which is most of the time). Even if a hot girl is flirting with me (and please trust me I love women). Remember girls are sensitive and their hormone levels unpredictable... When they're busy, try to understand that you might be annoying them by asking how they're doing and right up flirting with them. Unfortunately, in this case you'll need to hold your horses and just let her be. For a week or two. 

3. She's playing hard to get. This is the most trickiest one isn't it? So I will elaborate on this, because there are so many components to this. 

You might have had couple of wonderful dates together, she might have given you the "signs" that she's into you (body language such as staring at you, blushing, playing with her hair, flirting, etc), the list goes on. In your mind you are certain that this girl is interested in you.... until she starts slacking off in getting back to you.

Okay. I agree guys. Speaking as a fellow male specie, it really messes with your pride and frustrates the hell out of you when the person, whom you are almost absolutely sure is interested in you, is just trying to play with you... take advantage of you... act immature... wouldn't you say this is just immoral? 

This took a long time for me to digest but let me place girls into two categories in this situation: 

1) The girl is really into you: some girls will try "extra" hard if she thinks that you are the one. What I mean by this is that she wants this relationship to go slow as possible so that it could last long as possible. Does that kinda make sense? If not let me share this quote: "The sweetest honey is loathsome in his own deliciousness. Therefore, loves moderately." This quote is from Act 2 in Romeo and Juliet (yea I needed to search this up). So what are the hints? Girls who are in this category are usually conservative, idealistic, a romanticist as a whole. They might reply after 3 hours, ignore the message or even reply back after 3 days. However, the pattern that I've seen with these kinds of girls is that when they reply, they will keep their manners. Their replies will look like as if they've put in enough thought, charm, and etc. So overall, first they give you the headache and later they try to act all nice as if nothing happened as if they're seeking forgiveness. In Korean we would call this 밀당 (Mildang). This means that the girl is pushing you away, but then pulls you back to her to keep things tense and exciting.

2) The girl is unsure: Listen carefully, it is almost 90% of the time that the girl is unsure! I know I talked about how a girl might be really into you, but that is really rare... Most of the time, girls are unsure about you and they need time and experience to become comfortable in meeting you seriously (I'd say this usually happens between people who are yet not friends and are not comfortable enough with each other). Most girls, excluding those who are casually sexually active, are very cautious and do not want to get into unnecessary heartache. If they think you might be a candidate for a serious relationship, they will want to make sure you are very genuine and you are not a desperate guy who will pressure her into committing into a relationship. Because us males are all Romeos aren't we? Mannerable gentlemen who'd do anything to make the girl comfortable and feel self-esteem. (What I'm trying to tell you is that all these expectations are BS. But if you really want to catch this girl you'll have to play along. Give her space, patience, passion, everything... to be that little Romeo she dreams of... her companion... her pet... urgghh)

So... I want to conclude by saying that texting can be annoying because as I said 90% of the time when girls are giving you an unnecessary hard time, the reason is because girls are unsure, capricious creatures. However I did discover that breaking that lock is by being their amicable, safe, pet... but what kind of man would do that right? 
Unless you are really in love. 


  1. I'm sorry but I just had to laugh for this one!

    1. check your testostorone levels man..(wont be hard for u,Doc)..you're turning into a sissy

  2. I can't help but feel that being a complete push-over and putting up with rude disrespectful behavior is a good way to be friendzoned... but I'm still working on how to handle the same issue. Lately I just tell them politely that I have to go offline for some reason and that we will talk again - whenever they delay answering too much.


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