Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wolf of Wall Street

Wow... What can I say.

Sex, money, blood, beauty, success, rich emotions, everything expected from a Hollywood movie this movie has it.

I can understand how this movie was rated so highly. It seemed like I was rewatching the legendary Godfather series. An honest middle class chap working ever so passionately to fulfill the American dream. But this American dream is not just couple million dollars. we're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars. Perhaps billions. Plus, they say this is based a on a true story. How breathtaking is that?

Anyway, aside from the storyline, visuals, and emotions, this movie serves as a personal mirror for us. It helps us reflect our very being and calls us to reinvestigate our values and goals in life. I mean we are living in such a materialistic world that many of us build an obsession to become rich, influential and prosperous. But do we also understand that these things do not last? Yes, the trap to all of this glamor is that they will all fade away. Even love built upon success I'm afraid.

So ask yourselves this question after you watch the movie: what am I willing to work for that will last me a lifetime?

Overall rating: 7.6/10 
Good movie but lacks originality in plot. 

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