Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Butterfly Effect

Since I'm on it, I'll introduce you to my favorite movie: The Butterfly Effect.

To be honest, back in 2004 I went to the theaters alone and the movie I wanted to watch didn't match my time. So with a deep sigh I said, "alright I'm going to have to watch this horror thriller movie which is just not my genre. Oh and guess what, Ashton Kutcher is in it. Great!" 

As you can tell from my figurative speech I was not an Ashuton Kutcher fan. But once the movie ended, I had tremendous respect for this guy. I'll be frank. I'm still not his biggest fan but at least I could tolerate his "comedian image" from That 70s show

Also, this movie surprised the heck out of me when this supposedly thriller movie molded into a semi-romantic movie. Without telling you too much, basically the story is about the protagonist trying to fix things in the past for his love, friends, family, but ending up messing it up each time. The ending is also a pleasant surprise so if you have time, definitely invest your 2 hours on this joyride. Oh, and there are two endings but the one I enjoyed is when the protagonist goes back into childhood. Not the one when he is in his mother's womb. Okay, now I've said too much. 

Very lastly, the soundtrack played at the very end "Stop crying your heart out" by Oasis fits perfectly with the movie and it will give you the chills! I listen to this song whenever I want to recall The Butterfly Effect. 

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Because I'm biased on pleasant surprises. 

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